Multi-City | The New Interdisciplinary Art Center

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Houston, TX






Neyran Turan



Imagine a center for inter-disciplinary art


Located near Rice University, Houston, the New Interdisciplinary Art Center aims to explores multiple possibilities within one united structure in terms of contextual and programmatic operations. The building aims to engage surrounding urban environment by allowing multiple accesses at different levels.


The site of the project is surrounded by zones of different uses, such as residence, shopping, campus and office buildings. Throughout the historical study of the site, one will find that the site remains almost unconstructed and stable. It acts like an “isolator”. The Center for Interdisciplinary Arts requires engagements to the surrounding urban environment to attract visitors into the center as well as showcase the exhibitions, social activities etc. Therefore, a series of strategies is introduced.


The plan strategy is that segments of the edge remain touching the city edge, and some parts recess from the bounding line to create voids for urban spaces. The niched area can also become entrances to the buildings. It then creates multiple access to the buildings at different levels. There is also the participation of the urban plates into the project. The interaction between the urban level and the ground level of the building gives opportunity for multiple level entrances that allows the building to function differently.