The Blind House

Study Drawing of the Glass House by Philip JohnsonAxonometric concept drawingHongyi Jin_Spring 2011_Blind house diagram 


Study Drawing of the Glass House by Philip Johnson








Houston, TX



Grant Alford



Explore the “blind spot“ within a residential house project



The concept of ‘blind spot‘ is derived from the visual effect of the Glass House by Philip Johnson, after a close study of the precedent. The project explores the potential of the ‘blind path’ and the relationship between public and private space.


The Glass House manipulates the view by constructing a complete clear glass box in which a solid cylindrical hearth. The use of transparency and opaque creates dramatic contrast. Viewers who walks around the building will always encounter a blind spot within their view. The concept of the blind spot is thus explored in the studio project.



The project starts with a bounding box of 24’by48’by36’. The house explores the concept of the “blind spot”. The box is filled with labyrithing paths in order to create blind space. Three major “visual paths” are created through the winding walls.